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All of our works are available for licensing by non-profit and for-profit organizations.  Visit our FAQ page for more information on the process, and then contact us to start the process with a perusal score!

The Pirates of Pinafore is an operetta parody with music from the various works of Gilbert and Sullivan. The story centers around a shipwrecked, quasi-piratical “masculine” ingénue, Ralphric, who pursues and is pursued by four sopranos (Josephine, Mabel, Patience and Yum-Yum), much to the chagrin of his “feminine” fellow pirate, Baby Ruth. As this love sextet attempts to navigate a resolution, the groups from which they hail (the Pirates of the H. M. S. Pinafore, Sir Joseph’s daughters, Patience’s warrior cousins and the Japanese study abroad students) also attempt to navigate an escape from the tropical island where they are stranded.

This work was conceived and written for organizations with limited casting options and budgets. It is particuarly well-suited for high schools, undergraduate programs, and community theatres with its single set, minimal properties, one-costume-per-character, and plethora of soprano parts. It pairs the high-quality, fun music of Gilbert and Sullivan with a playful goofiness that pokes fun at opera, theatre, and music in general. Click here for more info.

Clara, My Love is an art song musical based on the life of Clara Wieck Schumann. The music is that of the major players in the story – Clara, Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms, but with new English lyrics. It tells the story of the young, musically gifted but shy Clara who was fiercely sculpted into one of the most sought-after concert pianists in Germany and Europe by her staunch father, Friedrich. When the handsome young composer Robert Schumann comes to study with Friedrich, a friendship between Clara and Robert blossoms into a secret love affair. After a bitter court battle with disapproving Friedrich, Clara and Robert marry, but this is only the beginning of many challenges to follow for couple.

The musical flexibility in casting makes Clara, My Love a convenient choice for a number of situations. Because the music is art songs and largely solos and duets, keys can be adapted as needed (including piano/vocal scores and orchestra parts), making, for example, Clara a soprano or a mezzo; Robert, a tenor or baritone, etc.  Written for an all undergraduate cast, the use of art song instead of arias or contemporary musical theatre songs make it an excellent choice of show for young artists performing in a classical style without the extreme requirements of opera.  Click here for more info.

Finding Pennies features the music of American composer Amy Cheney Beach in an art song musical about love, coming of age, and navigating challenges in life.  The musical begins with Amy and her friends (Bethany, Kayla, Brooke, Jordan and Emma) eagerly anticipating the completion of their college degrees and the adventures to follow.  As the story progresses, each must come to grips with how she defines herself and what that means for her life.

Finding Pennies was written with female-heavy casting challenges in mind.  Of the seven primary roles, six are for women.  The contemporary setting makes costuming and sets budget-friendly.  Additionally, it is intended to be particularly relevant and therefore, relatable for a young adult cast in a collegiate, high school or community program.  All songs in this art song musical are available in any key, making casting adaptable to a variety of singers.  Click here for more info.

The Pirates of Pinafore JR is a one-hour version of The Pirates of Pinafore adapted for elementary and middle school-aged singer/actors.  With modified arrangements to suit the limited vocal ranges and stamina of children, this is a perfect way to introduce elementary schools, middle schools, summer camps, and after-school arts programs to operetta in a fun, silly story about pirates, sailors, warrior women, and more!

Young pirate Ralphric has gained the attentions of four beautiful sopranos: Josephine, Mabel, Patience and Yum-Yum.  Stranded on a tropical island after each group was shipwrecked, Ralphric attempts to choose between the sopranos unaware that fellow pirate, Baby Ruth, is seeking his affections as well.  Between Sir Joseph and his daughters, the native warrior women, the pirates. and the foreign exchange students, can all the inhabitants of the island work together to escape, and who will win the hand of Ralphric?

“I love the art song musical concept. It gives my students the opportunity to get real stage experience with art song repertoire: a perfect stepping-stone to opera.”