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A contemporary story of love, friendship, and navigating the unexpected in life, Finding Pennies centers around Amy and her friends Bethany, Emma, Kayla, Jordan and Brooke. With the end of their collegiate career looming, the friends look excitedly toward the next step in life as Amy watches from the sidelines: nurturing Bethany has a dream job in a daycare, beautiful Brooke is signed by a modeling agency, hard-working Kayla is headed to law school, star athlete Jordan has been recruited by the pros, and Emma is engaged to marry her high school sweetheart after graduation. Although graduate student Ben expresses interest and a number of career options are available to her, Amy continues to hold the world at arms-length, unwilling to embrace the risks in life.

Act two opens six years after the close of act one and life seems picture-perfect for her friends until everything begins to unravel. As Amy watches each of them brought to their knees by life circumstances beyond their control, she is more convinced than ever to keep her heart shielded until the unexpected changes her perspective forever.

Running time: Approximately 120 minutes
Place: Here
Time: Now


Amy, college student (soprano or mezzo-soprano)
Ben, graduate student (tenor or baritone)
Brooke, college student (mezzo-soprano)
Kayla, college student (soprano)
Jordan, college student (soprano)
Bethany, college student (soprano or mezzo-soprano)
Emma, college student (soprano or mezzo-soprano)
Photographer, Emma’s wedding photographer (speaking)
Law Partner, Kayla’s boss (speaking)
Doctor #1, Jordan’s surgeon (speaking)
Andrea, Brooke’s aunt (speaking)
Bryan, Emma’s husband (speaking)
Nurse (speaking)
Doctor #2 (speaking)
Young Bethany (silent)
The Buzz patrons, soccer fans, baby shower guests, chorus

Musical Numbers:

“Am I Here?” (arranged from “Hymn of Trust”) (Amy)
“Emma, marry me” (arranged from “Sweetheart, sigh no more”) (Emma)
“Oh mistress mine” (Ben)
“When I am down” (arranged from “Go not too far”) (Kayla, Bethany)
“Here’s to living” (arranged from “Juni”) (Kayla, Jordan, Amy, Emma, Bethany, Brooke)
“I will believe” (arranged from “Chanson d’amour”) (Amy, Ben)
“We’ve just begun” (arranged from “Canadian boat song”) (Kayla, Jordan, Amy, Emma, Bethany, Brooke)
“I give my all” (arranged from “I send my heart up to thee”) (Amy)
“Like you” (arranged from “Thanksgiving fable”) (Jordan, Brooke)
“The world has changed” (arranged from “Extase” and “Ah, Love, but a day!”)
(Kayla, Jordan, Emma, Bethany, Brooke)
“Lullabye” (arranged from “Ecstasy”) (Bethany)
“Let me love you” (arranged from “Give Me Not Love”) (Amy, Ben)
“I will believe finale” (arranged from “Chanson d’amour”) (Chorus)

Finding Pennies is available for purchase as a libretto/vocal score and for licensing. If you wish to perform all or part of this work, please visit our licensing page.

“Sometimes the very thing you couldn’t live without is actually standing in your way of living, and sometimes life surprises you with something you never knew you wanted but can’t live without.  Stop and pick up the pennies: you never know where it will lead you.” – Amy (Finding Pennies)