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This section is currently under construction. Several other publications are in the works by exciting and interesting authors – check back regularly for more information on our upcoming publications!

If you are considering adopting one of our books for one of your courses, request an exam copy by emailing us. In your email please include your name, institution, title of course, estimated enrollment, and how often the course is offered.

Accessible and understandable for all levels of musicians, your purchase comes with a unique code allowing you to take the Music Performance Anxiety Diagnostic Questionnaire (MPADQ) online and get a personalized plan based on your responses. Your personalized plan will guide you through the book to get the most of out it specific to your own challenges and needs related to stage fright. This title will be available in traditional print, Ebook, and audio book.


You the singer/teacher diagnose the problem, and this reference will give you multiple quick, simple approaches to try out to fix the issue. Easily searchable and free of excess language or theory, it is intended to be a staple on your piano so you can go from spotting the problem to new ideas on how to fix it in minutes. Keep an eye out for our partner smartphone app!

“Dr. Winter’s understanding of the complexity of the brain/body relationship in musical performance anxiety is unparalleled. This book is a game-changer.”